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 New Testament Plays    
 The Wise Men Follow The Star BPC038  Matthew 2:1-12
 John Is A Special Messenger BPC064  Matthew 3:1-3, 11:1-19
 Jesus Is Tempted BPC095  Matthew 4:1-11
 The Lord's Prayer BPC076  Matthew 6:9ff
 Healing Of The Centurion's Servant BPC082  Matthew 8:5-13, Luke 7:1-10
 Jesus Stills A Storm BPC003  Matthew 8:18-27
 The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like� BPC077  Matthew 13:24-50
 Peter Walks On The Sea BPC006  Matthew 14:22-33
 A Mother Pleads For Her Child BPC079  Matthew 15:21-28, Mark 7:24-30
 The Unforgiving Servant BPC047  Matthew 18:21-35
 The Laborers In The Vineyard BPC088  Matthew 20:1-16
 Who Is Greatest In God's Kingdom BPC078  Matthew 20:17-28
 Healing Of Blind Bartimaeus BPC083  Matthew 20:29-34, Mark 10:46-52
 Jesus Triumphantly Enters Jerusalem BPC009  Matthew 21:1-11,Mark 11:1-11
 Jesus Goes To Calvary. BPC041  Matthew 21:15-16, 26
 The Wedding Feast BPC087  Matthew 22:1-14
 The Last Judgment BPC089  Matthew 25:31-45
 The Last Supper. BPC054  Matthew 26:20-30
 Passion According To St. Matthew BPC093  Matthew 26:14-27:66
 The Talents BPC099  Matthew 25:14-30
 Friends Bring A Sick Man To Jesus. BPC007  Mark 2:1-12
 Jesus Chooses Helpers. BPC044  Mark 3:13-19
 The Parable Of The Soils BPC085  Mark 4:3-20, Luke 8:5-8
 Jesus Heals Jairus' Daughter. BPC053  Mark 5:21-24, 35-43
 Jesus Feeds 5000 People. BPC005  Mark 6:34-44, Luke 9:11-17
 Jesus Blesses The Children. BPC042  Mark 10:13-16,Luke 18:15-17
 Jesus Is Born. BPC001  Luke 2:1-20
 Boy Jesus Visits The Temple. BPC002  Luke 2:41-52
 A Samaritan Helps A Traveler. BPC011  Luke 10:25-37
 Jesus Visits Mary And Martha. BPC008  Luke 10:38-42
 The Friend At Midnight BPC084  Luke 11:1-13
 The Lost Lamb. BPC052  Luke 15:3-7, Psalm 23
 The Lost Coin BPC086  Luke 15:8-10
 The Prodigal Son Returns. BPC046  Luke 15:11-32
 The Rich Man And Lazarus BPC098  Luke 16:19-31
 A Leprous Man Thanks Jesus. BPC039  Luke 17:11-19
 The Unjust Judge BPC090  Luke 18:1-8
 The Pharisee and the Publican Pray. BPC040  Luke 18:9-14
 Zacchaeus Meets Jesus. BPC004  Luke 19:1-10
 A Widows Generous Gift BPC065  Luke 21:45-22:4
 Jesus Is Alive Again. BPC010  Luke 24:1-12, John 20:1-18
 Jesus Ascends To Heaven. BPC060  Luke 24:14-53
 Jesus Turns Water Into Wine BPC097  John 2:1-11
 Jesus Teaches A Samaritan Woman. BPC045  John 4:5-42
 The Man Born Blind Is Healed BPC094  John 9
 Jesus Raises Lazarus To Life. BPC059  John 11:1-44
 Upper Room Questions BPC080  John 13-14
 Stations Of The Cross BPC096  Gospels
 Thomas� Doubt Turns to Faith BPC092  John 20:19-31
 Peter and John Heal the Lame Man BPC048  Acts 3
 Dorcas Helps Others. BPC014  Acts 6:1-3, 9:36-42
 Philip Teaches An Ethiopian Man BPC066  Acts 8:26-41
 Saul Sees A Great Light. BPC012  Acts 9:1-22
 Peter Meets Cornelius. BPC055  Acts 10
 Peter Is Delivered From Prison. BPC049  Acts 12
 Timothy Learns To Serve God. BPC043  Acts 16:1-3
 Paul And Silas Sing In Jail. BPC013  Acts 16:19-39
 Paul Is Shipwrecked. BPC050  Acts 27
 Old Testament Plays    
 God Creates Land, Water, Plants. BPC032  Genesis 1:1-19
 God Creates Living Creatures. BPC033  Genesis 1:20-25
 By Faith, Abel BPC071  Genesis 4:1-16
 Noah Builds An Ark. BPC031  Genesis 6-9
 Abram And Sarai BPC067  Gen 11:29-32, 12
 Abraham Lets Lot Choose First. BPC015  Genesis 13
 The Lord Will Provide BPC106  Genesis 22:1-18
 Rebekah Is A Willing Helper. BPC037  Genesis 24
 Esau and Jacob BPC081  Gen 25:27-34, 27:1-45
 Joseph As Strange Dreams. BPC016  Genesis 37:1-11
 Joseph Is Sold By His Brothers. BPC017  Genesis 37:13-36
 Joseph Is Kind To His Brothers. BPC018  Genesis 42-45
 Baby Moses Is Kept Safe. BPC019  Exodus 1:7-17
 Moses Sees A Burning Bush. BPC061  Exodus 3
 God Sends Plagues To Egypt. BPC056  Exodus 7:14-12:36
 Israel Crosses The Red Sea. BPC020  Exodus 12:30-39
 Lord Our Healer Jehovah Rophe BPC107  Exodus 15:22-27
 Lord My Banner Jehovah Nissi BPC100  Exodus 17:8-16
 Jethro Helps Moses BPC103  Exodus 18
 God Gives The Law To Moses BPC021  Exodus 19-20
 Ten Commandments & Jesus' Two BPC068  Exodus 20, Mark 12:28-31
 The People Build A Tabernacle. BPC022  Exodus 35:4-40:38
 Joshua And Caleb Are Brave Spies BPC062   Numbers 13-14, Deut 1:12-23
 Balaam Talks With His Donkey BPC091  Numbers 22: 20-34
 The Walls Of Jericho Fall. BPC057  Joshua 5:13-15,6
 Lord Is Peace Jehovah Shalom BPC101  Judges 6:11-24
 Gideon, A Mighty Warrior BPC072  Judges 6:11-7:25
 Samson - Set Apart to God BPC070  Judges 13
 Ruth Is Faithful BPC112  Ruth 1-4
 God Gives Hanna A Son. BPC023  1 Samuel 1:1-22
 Samuel Lives In God's House. BPC024  1 Samuel 1:24-28, 2:1-11
 David Is Chosen To Be King. BPC027  1 Samuel 15:10-35
 David Is A Shepherd Boy. BPC025  1 Samuel 17:12-15, Psalm 23
 David Meets Goliath. BPC026  1 Samuel 17:1-53
 David Spares Saul's Life. BPC028  1 Samuel 26
 Unmerited Favor To Mephibosheth BPC073  2 Sam 4:4, 9
 You are the man! BPC069  2 Samuel 12:1-25
 Elijah Meets Baal's Priests BPC029  1 Kings 18
 Elisha Helps A Poor Widow BPC030  2 Kings 4:1-7
 Naaman's Leprosy Is Healed. BPC058  2 Kings 5:1-15
 King Joash Repairs God's House BPC035  2 Chronicles 24:5-14
 Ezra Teaches God's Word. BPC036  Nehemiah 8, 9:1-3
 The Story Of Job BPC102  Job 1-2, 38-42
 The Heavens Declare BPC104  Psalm 19
 The Lord Is My Shepherd BPC074  Psalm 23
 Whoso Dwelleth BPC111  Psalm 91
 The Song Of Songs BPC105  The Song of Songs
 Daniel And His Friends Stand Firm BPC075  Daniel 1
 Daniel In The Lion's Den. BPC051  Daniel 6
 Jonah Is Caught By A Great Fish BPC063  Jonah 1-4

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