Hello, I’m Bruce Stephens, the author of Bible Plays for Children. My wife and I have taught various levels of Christian Education over many years. These plays are an offshoot of this teaching experience.    This book is a supplement to your normal curriculum.  This collection of Bible stories is presented in the form of a theatrical play.  The goal is to involve the students so they interact with or enter into the Bible story at a much deeper level.  Role play is innately in a child, it is part of their development process, learning by doing.

There are over 100 plays included in this collection.  They are spread across both old and New Testament.  Each play includes an overview of story, the scripture references, a list of characters, a list of possible props that are needed, and the script.  There are also follow up questions and other materials that the teacher may find helpful.  The plays and scripts are complete, yet in any learning environment there is a heavy dependence on the teacher to use these tools as guidelines, adapting and adjusting as you and your students need.

The plays are provided on a CD included with the book.  The book itself is a reference for the materials on the CD.  The CD contains an easy to use menu and table of contents to quickly reference each play.  Bible plays for Children CD can also be purchased separately.  In addition I have created an eBook version of Bible Plays for Children in formats for Kindle or Nook.  The eBook also has an easy to use table of contents to quickly find each play or script.

If you have seen the old movie “the bells of St. Mary" with Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman, there is a scene where the children put on a simple play of the birth of Christ.  The outcome is very precious because the children inter into the story with their own words.  The Bible story comes alive.  These scripts provided in Bible Plays for Children are intended as a starting point, an outline for the teacher and students.   The story itself combined with the imagination of the student, conveys the Word of God.